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1997 North Carolina Fisheries Reform Act

A History of Red Tide events on the West Coast of Florida

A Social History of Kona

Aala Park

American Meteorological Society Centennial Oral History Project

American Samoa Elder Fishermen Interviews

Assessing Vulnerability and Resilience in Maine Fishing Communities

Baymen’s Oral History

Beneath the Surface of San Diego

Boat Stories

Calvert County Marine Museum Oral History Project

Cape Cod River Herring Warden Oral History Project

Cape Cod Shellfish Industry Interviews

Changes in the Florida Keys Marine Ecosystem Based Upon Interviews with Experienced Residents

Chesapeake Bay Watermen

Collapse of the New England Fishing Industry

Collecting Stories at the National Working Waterfronts and Waterways Symposium 2018

Commercial Fishermen in the California Halibut Trawl Fishery: Who does your local seafood come from?

Cordell Expeditions

Cortez Village Voices from the Fisheries

Cumulative Effects in New Jersey Fisheries

Decades of Change in the Florida Reef Tract: An Oral History Project

Deepwater Horizon Oil Disaster Oral History

Ellsworth High School - Maine

Endangered Fishing Traditions of the Greater Miami Area

Ethnicity in the Seafood Industry on the Mississippi Gulf Coast

Finding Friendship Oral History Project

Fishermen Interviews of the U.S. Commission of Fish and Fisheries, 1893-1895

Fishing Traditions & Fishing Futures in Georgia


Florida's Forgotten Coast

Gas Rush

Gathering, Preserving, and Sharing Traditional Fisheries Knowledge from Down East Communities in North Carolina


Georgia Black Fishermen

Global Monitoring Laboratory Oral History Project

Graying of the Fleet

Greater Tampa Bay Voices from the Fisheries

Grundy Virginia Flood Control Project

Gulf Wars: Florida Net Ban

Hawai‘i Bottomfish Heritage Project

Histories of San Diego’s Fisheries and Farms

In Their Own Words

Investigating New Jersey's Toxic Legacy

Jonesport-Beals High School Local Fisheries Knowledge Project

Kalihi: Place of Transition

Kings of The Yukon

Koloa: An Oral History of a Kauai Community

Long Island Traditions

Long Island Traditions - Climate Change and Sandy

Louisiana Sea Grant Coastal Changes Oral History Project

Maine Coast Oral History Initiative

Maine Sea Grant Alewife and Eel Oral Histories

Maritime Studies Capstone Seminar Oral History Project

Massachusetts River Herring Warden Oral History Project

Matanzas Voices

Milford Lab Oral Histories

Minnesota and Great Lakes Fishermen

Mount Mitchell Oral History Project

Nantucket Lighthouse Middle School Interviews

NASA Johnson Space Center Oral History Project

National Weather Service Heritage Oral History Project

New Bedford Processing Workers, 2007-2010

New Jersey’s Delaware Bayshore

Newport Beach Fishing Industry

NOAA Beaufort Lab Oral Histories

NOAA Heritage Oral History Project

Oral Histories from the New England Fisheries

Oral History Collection - Fishing and Fisheries

Oral History of Monterey Bay Fishermen

Oregon Residents in Alaska's Historical Fishing

Peconic Estuary Interviews

People of the Sturgeon: Wisconsin's Love Affair with an Ancient Fish

Port of Los Angeles Centennial Oral History Project

Portuguese-American Fishermen in New Bedford

Preserving Oral Histories of Waterfront-Related Pursuits in Bayou La Batre

President's Panel for Ocean Exploration Oral History Project

Sector Management in New England

SERO Fishery Manager Oral History Project

Shrimp Tales

South Texas Stories

Steamboat Era Museum Oral History Project

Stonewall Jackson Dam Removal

Stories from the Northeast Fisheries

Strengthening Community Resilience in America’s Oldest Seaport

Tales of Cape Cod

The Ffiles-NEFSC

The Fishing Industry in Newport, RI 1930-1987

The Gulf Podcast and Oral History Project

The Last Sardine Cannery - Prospect Harbor, Maine

The Lives of Fishermen's Wives, Mothers, and Daughters - Oregon

The Research and Development Behind the 1988-1999 Modernization of NOAA's National Weather Service

The Saltwater South: Charleston

The View from 500 Feet

The Working Waterfront Festival Community Documentation Project

Tsunamis in Maui County: Oral Histories

Tsunamis Remembered: Oral Histories of Survivors and Observers in Hawai‘i

Tucker County, West Virginia Flood Audio Recordings

Tuna Pioneers: San Pedro-Terminal Island, California

Turtle Excluder Device Oral Histories

Ualapue: Molokai: Oral Histories from the East End

UCAR/NCAR Oral History Collection

Vanishing Culture Project

Voices from POORT

Voices from the Science Centers

Voices from the Working Waterfront Oral History Project

Voices of the Bay

Voices of the Maine Fishermen's Forum 2018

Voices of the Maine Fishermen’s Forum 2019

West Side Stories

Wetland Riders

Wild Caught: The Life and Struggles of an American Fishing Town

Women in Alaska Fisheries

Women in the New England Fisheries

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution Oral History Project

Workers on the New Bedford Waterfront

Young Fishermen in the Northeast United States