Gas Rush

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    Carrie Kline, Michael Kline
  • This series consists of original digital audio interview recordings and selected CD listening copies relating to the Carrie and Michael Kline's documenting the wide spectrum of citizen opinion about natural gas extraction (Fracking / hydraulic fracturing) in Northcentral West Virginia mainly during 2014 and 2015. The interviews were drawn upon for use in the 8-minute audio feature Pay Dirt. Originals are housed with the Michael and Carrie Nobel Kline Collection at the Berea College Special Collections and Archives

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Michael O'Brien Gas Rush

Michael O’Brien was born on October 2, 1944, and currently resides in Doddridge County, West Virginia. Raised by a government meat inspector, O’Brien moved frequently between southern Florida and Virginia, finishing high school in the latter. After high school, he moved to Baltimore to live with his grandmother, hoping to find better opportunities. He spent ten years in Baltimore but ultimately sought a simpler life. O’Brien met his wife, Nancy, during his time in Baltimore.

Carrie Kline, Michael Kline , West Union, WV Talking Across the Lines, Berea College Special Collections & Archives
Don Stobbs Gas Rush

Donald W. Stobbs was born on June 21, 1921, in St. Clairsville, Ohio, to Matthew and Lena (Sunderman) Stobbs. He served as a US Navy Pilot during World War II, stationed in the Aleutian Islands. After the war, Donald became a farmer until his retirement. He was a charter life member of the Colerain VFW Post 8848 and a member of Colerain Presbyterian Church, the Colerain Farm Bureau, and the Colerain Senior Citizens Center. Donald was also a charter member and founder of the Colerain Volunteer Fire Company.

Michael Kline, Carrie Kline Colerain, OH Talking Across the Lines, Berea College Special Collections & Archives
Francie & Greg Arnett Gas Rush

Francie Arnett, a native of St. Clairsville, Ohio, is a woman of Polish descent who has a deep-rooted connection to her heritage and family. Raised in a close-knit family, she has a profound understanding of her siblings' careers, particularly her brother's role in the oil and gas industry. This understanding has significantly shaped her perspective on the industry's impact on her community. Arnett's educational journey and career path have also played a crucial role in her life, further influencing her views on the oil and gas sector.

Gina Games Adena, OH Talking Across the Lines
John Maddox Gas Rush

Interview with Dr. John Mattox, owner and curator of the Underground Railroad Museum

Rob Arnold Flushing, OH Talking Across the Lines, Berea College Special Collections & Archives
Erin Bowers Gas Rush

Erin Bowers is a dedicated educator and environmental activist with a rich background that includes service in the Army Reserves. Raised in a working-class Catholic household, Bowers' early experiences shaped her values and commitment to community service. Her career in education has been marked by a deep commitment to fostering learning and growth in young people. Beyond her professional role, Bowers has been actively involved in environmental activism, with a particular focus on opposing fracking in her local community.

Pat Jacobson Unknown Talking Across the Lines, Berea College Special Collections & Archives
Drusilla Ice Gas Rush

Interview with Drusilla Ice.

Rob Arnold Bellaire, OH Talking Across the Lines, Berea College Special Collections & Archives
Bill Bryant Gas Rush

William Bryant, also known as Bill, was born on June 20, 1937, in a small crossroads town called Amlin, Ohio, near Plain City in the northwest part of greater Columbus. His father held various jobs, including milkman, railroader, and a captain in the Columbus police department's corrections division. His mother worked at Woolworths and raised six children, five boys and one girl, with William being the second boy. Despite dropping out of high school in his senior year, Bryant joined the Navy at seventeen and later earned a GED.

Pat Jacobson , Carrie Kline Unknown Talking Across the Lines, Berea College Special Collections & Archives
Ed Harshbarger Gas Rush

Interview with Ed Harshbarger

Michael Kline Steubenville, OH Talking Across the Lines
Greg Arnett Gas Rush

Greg Arnett was born on April 17, 1953, and raised in Columbus, Ohio, in a neighborhood characterized by small, family-run shops and a strong sense of community. In the 1960s, his family moved to the suburbs of Reynoldsburg, a rapidly developing area transitioning from farmland to suburban housing. After high school, Greg moved to Connecticut with friends, where he lived in a communal setting and worked various jobs. He married Francie in 1972, and they spent a few years in Connecticut before moving back to Ohio to manage a commercial fruit and vegetable farm in Norwalk.

Gina Games Adena, OH Talking Across the Lines, Berea College Special Collections & Archives
Francie Arnett Gas Rush

Francie Arnett was born on January 28, 1952, in Wheeling, West Virginia. She grew up in St. Clairsville, Ohio, in a house built the same year she was born. Francie is of Polish descent, with all four grandparents having ties to Poland. Both her grandfathers immigrated from Poland, while her grandmothers were born in the United States to Polish parents. Francie was raised in a close-knit, extended family, participating in various family celebrations and reunions. She attended Catholic schools for twelve years, from grade school in St. Clairsville to high school in Lafferty, Ohio.

Gina James Adena, OH Talking Across the Lines, Berea College Special Collections & Archives