Collapse of the New England Fishing Industry

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    Fabienne Lord
  • This research focuses on documenting the collapse of the New England fishing industry in 1990s, reconstructing a timeline of events and documenting the impacts on fishermen, employees from the support industry, regulators, council members, environmentalists, congress staff, US coast guard personnel, national marine fishery service staff, scientists, and journalists.

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Andrew Rosenberg Collapse of the New England Fishing Industry

Andrew Rosenberg is a seasoned professional in the field of fisheries management and science. He began his career in the Fisheries Service in 1990 as a science advisor, where he was responsible for presenting scientific advice from the Fisheries Science Center in Woods Hole to the council at every meeting. His role also involved responding to questions and clarifying scientific concepts related to fisheries management.

Fabienne Lord Essex, MA University of New Hampshire
Frank Mirarchi Collapse of the New England Fishing Industry

Frank Mirarchi, a seasoned veteran in the fishing industry, began his career in 1962. Over the decades, he has witnessed a multitude of changes within the industry, including significant collapses in the 1990s. Mirarchi has been an active participant in the management efforts to control fishing mortality, primarily through the implementation of 'days at sea' regulations. These regulations, however, have not been without their challenges and inefficiencies, which Mirarchi has experienced firsthand.

Fabienne Lord Scituate, MA University of New Hampshire
Stephen Barndollar Collapse of the New England Fishing Industry

Stephen Barndollar is a seasoned professional in the seafood processing industry, with a notable tenure at Seatrade International during the 1990s. His career is marked by his involvement with the company's strategic shift in response to the evolving landscape of the fishing industry. Barndollar's expertise lies in navigating the complexities of seafood processing, particularly with underutilized species such as dogfish and monkfish.

Fabienne Lord Portsmouth, NH University of New Hampshire
Susan Playfair Collapse of the New England Fishing Industry

Susan Playfair, Scituate, Massachusetts, is an author and researcher with a deep interest in environmental and marine issues. She wrote a book on the faith of New England fisheries Vanishing Species and has dedicated a significant portion of her career to exploring the complexities of the fishing industry and its ecological impact. Playfair holds a degree in biology, which has provided her with a strong foundation for understanding the scientific aspects of marine ecosystems and the human activities that affect them.

Fabienne Lord Scituate, MA University of New Hampshire