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Ellsworth High School - Maine

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    Joyce Whitmore
  • These interviews were conducted as part of Ellsworth High School's participation in the NOAA Fisheries Service (NMFS) Local Fisheries Knowledge Pilot Project 2003-2005.  All 10th graders participated in this interdisciplinary project that involved English, History, Social Studies, and Biology classes. To read about the LFK Project, go to http://www.st.nmfs.noaa.gov/lfkproject/.

Interviewee Collection Sort descending Description Interviewer Date of Interview Location of Interview Affiliation
Danner Curtis Ellsworth High School - Maine

Interview with Danner Curtis, lobsterman in Blue Hill Bay, Maine.

Anthony Britt, Amy Dalrymple, Matt Burton, Ben Deckers Ellsworth, ME NOAA/NMFS Local Fisheries Knowledge Pilot Project
Jim Stanley Ellsworth High School - Maine

Jim Stanley is a lobster fisherman fishing out of the Union River Bay in Ellsworth, Maine. He grew up in a family of fishermen. He talks about the tools he uses, the number of times he hauls, and a few stories that are connected to his daily occupation.

Morgan MacKenzie, Hollie Stanley, Sally Stanley Ellsworth, ME NOAA/NMFS Local Fisheries Knowledge Pilot Project
Scott Fuller Ellsworth High School - Maine

Scott Fuller has worked as a lobster and scallop fisherman off Frenchmen¿s Bay in Bar Harbor. He spent most of his time as a stern man and explains the role he played in this job. He discusses the pros and cons of scallop dragging. He also talks about the territorial wars connected to fishing as well as some of the life threatening situations at being out on the sea. Known as Shakespeare, Scott was a favorite of the tourists who came to Bar Harbor and wanted to meet a local fisherman.

Morgan Fuller, Carolyn Frank, Jessica Putnam, Isabel Hopkins, Janeka Haass Bar Harbor, ME NOAA/NMFS Local Fisheries Knowledge Pilot Project
Jennifer Vose Ellsworth High School - Maine

Jennifer Vose works for the Marine Environmental Research Institute in Blue Hill, Maine in the summer as a naturalist. Most of her work involves taking people out on the ocean, hauling up lobster traps, talking about the ecology of the area, the habitat of the area and looking at the species they catch in the traps. Based on the species caught, she will explain its anatomy, its life cycle, and its importance to the fishing industry. A main purpose of these trips is to teach people about local ecology.

Courtney Ray, Rachael Wing Ellsworth, ME NOAA/NMFS Local Fisheries Knowledge Pilot Project
Billy Grindle Ellsworth High School - Maine

Billy Grindle is a commercial fisherman catching tuna, swordfish, halibut and sometimes lobsters and scallops. Billy has fished both in the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans in a variety of boats with a variety of machinery and crewmembers. His love for the sea with its freedom and spirituality encouraged him to stay in this profession for a long time. He describes life at sea aboard a boat.

Brittany Fellis, Eric Folmer, Cameron Dows Ellsworth, ME NOAA/NMFS Local Fisheries Knowledge Pilot Project
Kip Young Ellsworth High School - Maine

Kip Young is a lobster and tuna fisherman fishing out of Corea, Maine. Although he has practiced several other professions, he prefers fishing for the independence it gives to him as his own boss. He has built his own boats for the work that he does and discusses the expenses that accompany the profession. His love is for fishing tuna but more money comes with lobstering. He has strong feelings about the role of the fisherman versus the government and biologists.

Edward Bedard, Nicole Austin, Tiffany Corbett, Jessica Albee Ellsworth, ME NOAA/NMFS Local Fisheries Knowledge Pilot Project
Billy Haas Ellsworth High School - Maine

Billy Haas is a lobster fisherman, a sea urchin diver and a scallop diver. He discusses the profession of each of these occupations and the role each plays in his life.

Shelby Pollack, Sheri Wilder Ellsworth, ME NOAA/NMFS Local Fisheries Knowledge Pilot Project
Anonymous Ellsworth High School - Maine

This is an interview with the alewife agent for the city of Ellsworth, Maine. Each year lobstermen come to buy alewives for bait for the lobster. He discusses the mechanics of the fish trap and moving the fish to their spawning grounds. He discusses the life cycle of the alewife and the importance to the lobster harvest. He discusses the sea birds that follow the fish and the competition that develops among them.

Brandon Lane, Anna Briggs Ellsworth, ME NOAA/NMFS Local Fisheries Knowledge Pilot Project
Peter Harvey Ellsworth High School - Maine

Peter Harvey is a systems manager in an aquaculture research facility in Franklin, Maine. This facility for the first time in the United States has been able to spawn both halibut and cod. Peter discusses the research and also the pros and cons on the debate over aquaculture.

Jay Daigle Franklin, ME NOAA/NMFS Local Fisheries Knowledge Pilot Project
Fred Hersom Ellsworth High School - Maine

Fred Hersom is a lobster fisherman who first went out fishing with his father when he was six years old. He discusses the weather, bait, number of traps, sale of lobsters, rules and regulations, and a typical day in the life of a fisherman.

Kim Tupper, Kim Crane, Ben Rudolph Ellsworth Falls, ME NOAA/NMFS Local Fisheries Knowledge Pilot Project