Ellsworth, ME

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Jim Stanley Ellsworth High School - Maine

Jim Stanley is a lobsterman based in Ellsworth, Maine. Born and raised in the area, Jim comes from a family with a strong fishing background. His stepfathers, brothers, and nephews are all involved in the fishing industry, making it a family tradition. Jim started fishing at the age of thirteen, accompanying his uncle and cousin on fishing trips out of Bartlett's Island. Over time, he developed a passion for lobstering and eventually acquired his own boat, a seventeen-foot vessel that he uses to haul traps.

Morgan MacKenzie, Hollie Stanley, Sally Stanley Ellsworth, ME NOAA/NMFS Local Fisheries Knowledge Pilot Project
Russell Boynton Ellsworth High School - Maine

Russell Boynton, born on June 4, 2005, is a resident of Ellsworth, Maine. He has been involved in worming for nearly 50 years, starting during his high school years in 1957. Russell's interest in worming sparked when he observed people carrying buckets of worms and realized its potential for earning money. Initially balancing worming with college and a grocery store job, Russell soon discovered that worming was more lucrative. He gradually transitioned to full-time worming during summers and part-time while teaching and coaching.

Jeremy Grant, Hillary Camber Ellsworth, ME NOAA/NMFS Local Fisheries Knowledge Pilot Project
Jennifer Vose Ellsworth High School - Maine

Jennifer Vose is a naturalist and marine researcher working for the Marine Environmental Research Institute. Based in Blue Hill, Maine, she spends her summers as a naturalist on their boat trips, educating the general public about the local ecology and marine habitat. With a focus on teaching people about the intricacies of the ecosystem, Jennifer's work involves hauling up lobster traps, studying the species caught, and explaining their anatomy, life cycles, and ecological significance. Her aim is to raise awareness about the local environment and promote conservation efforts.

Courtney Ray, Rachael Wing Ellsworth, ME NOAA/NMFS Local Fisheries Knowledge Pilot Project
Paul Brayton Ellsworth High School - Maine

Paul Brayton is a multifaceted individual who has pursued various occupations throughout his life. Born and raised in Ellsworth, Maine, Brayton began his career as a commercial fisherman after serving in the Navy as a pilot. He was drawn to the excitement and freedom of fishing, spending long hours at sea, and enjoying the financial rewards that came with it, especially during the less regulated times of the 1970s. However, as he started a family, Brayton realized that the demanding nature of offshore fishing was not compatible with being present for his loved ones.

Will Buckingham Ellsworth, ME NOAA/NMFS Local Fisheries Knowledge Pilot Project
Kip Young Ellsworth High School - Maine

Kip Young is a seasoned lobster fisherman and tuna fisherman hailing from Corea by the Sea, Maine. Born and raised in a coastal town, Kip was drawn to the sea and the fishing industry from a young age. At the age of fourteen, he made the decision to become a lobsterman, primarily because it was the main industry in his town and he found it to be a fun and exciting endeavor.

Edward Bedard, Nicole Austin, Tiffany Corbett, Jessica Albee Ellsworth, ME NOAA/NMFS Local Fisheries Knowledge Pilot Project
Wes Bunker Ellsworth High School - Maine

Wes Bunker is a part-time lobster fisherman and sea urchin diver in Hancock County, Maine.  

Becca Silsby, Mario Pinaro, Hernan Rave, Ashton Romer Ellsworth, ME NOAA/NMFS Local Fisheries Knowledge Pilot Project
Anonymous Ellsworth High School - Maine

This is an interview with the alewife agent for the city of Ellsworth, Maine. Each year lobstermen come to buy alewives for bait for the lobster. He discusses the mechanics of the fish trap and moving the fish to their spawning grounds. He discusses the life cycle of the alewife and the importance to the lobster harvest. He discusses the sea birds that follow the fish and the competition that develops among them.

Brandon Lane, Anna Briggs Ellsworth, ME NOAA/NMFS Local Fisheries Knowledge Pilot Project
John Crossman Ellsworth High School - Maine

John Crossman has been a lobster fisherman for 23 years, starting in Frenchboro, an island off the coast. John learned fishing from his father. He currently fishes off Bass Harbor, Mount Desert Island, but keeps his fishing spots secret.

Tom Crossman, Aaron Burton, Donald Awalt Ellsworth, ME NOAA/NMFS Local Fisheries Knowledge Pilot Project
Danner Curtis Ellsworth High School - Maine

Danner Curtis is a lobsterman based in Blue Hill Bay, Maine. Curtis did not come from a fishing family and was able to start fishing after filling out a Maine state license. There are now permit programs in place, including a student program that allows students to fish 150 traps in the summer as long as they attend college.

Anthony Britt, Amy Dalrymple, Matt Burton, Ben Deckers Ellsworth, ME NOAA/NMFS Local Fisheries Knowledge Pilot Project
Billy Grindle Ellsworth High School - Maine

Billy Grindle, is a fisherman who used to fish for various types of fish from Eastport, Maine to California. He fished for scallops, lobsters, tilefish, butterfish, squid, mackerel, herring, porgies, giant Atlantic bluefin tuna, and oysters. Billy started fishing at the age of seventeen and continued until he was thirty. He owned a forty-foot boat but also worked on larger boats up to a hundred and ten feet. He kept his boat in various locations such as Northeast Harbor, Bass Harbor, Gloucester, Block Island, and Port Clyde.

Brittany Fellis, Eric Folmer, Cameron Dows Ellsworth, ME NOAA/NMFS Local Fisheries Knowledge Pilot Project