NOAA/NMFS Local Fisheries Knowledge Pilot Project

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Anonymous Ellsworth High School - Maine

This is an interview with the alewife agent for the city of Ellsworth, Maine. Each year lobstermen come to buy alewives for bait for the lobster. He discusses the mechanics of the fish trap and moving the fish to their spawning grounds. He discusses the life cycle of the alewife and the importance to the lobster harvest. He discusses the sea birds that follow the fish and the competition that develops among them.

Brandon Lane, Anna Briggs Ellsworth, ME NOAA/NMFS Local Fisheries Knowledge Pilot Project
Billy Grindle Ellsworth High School - Maine

Billy Grindle, is a fisherman who used to fish for various types of fish from Eastport, Maine to California. He fished for scallops, lobsters, tilefish, butterfish, squid, mackerel, herring, porgies, giant Atlantic bluefin tuna, and oysters. Billy started fishing at the age of seventeen and continued until he was thirty. He owned a forty-foot boat but also worked on larger boats up to a hundred and ten feet. He kept his boat in various locations such as Northeast Harbor, Bass Harbor, Gloucester, Block Island, and Port Clyde.

Brittany Fellis, Eric Folmer, Cameron Dows Ellsworth, ME NOAA/NMFS Local Fisheries Knowledge Pilot Project
Billy Haas Ellsworth High School - Maine

Billy Haas is a lobster fisherman, commercial urchin diver, and scallop diver. He has been involved in these activities for about fifteen years. His daily schedule varies throughout the year. He works for ten months and takes two months off, usually during May and June. During the slow period, he prepares for lobstering, which begins at the end of June.

Shelby Pollack, Sheri Wilder Ellsworth, ME NOAA/NMFS Local Fisheries Knowledge Pilot Project
Bob Hessler Ellsworth High School - Maine

Bob Hessler is the manager at Maine Shellfish Company, a shellfish wholesale company. His responsibilities are accounting, data processing, and purchaser of lobsters.

Cassie Cloak, Alisa Gibeault, Sarah Gauvin Ellsworth, ME NOAA/NMFS Local Fisheries Knowledge Pilot Project
Brian Langley Ellsworth High School - Maine

Brian Langley is a a culinary arts teacher and local restauranteaur.  Langley learned the restaurant business from his father and discovered his passion for cooking when he took a culinary program in high school. His seafood-centered restaurant, the Union River Lobster Pot in Ellsworth, Maine, is based on the lesson that you have to sell what people want to buy, not what you want to sell. Langley serves a variety of fish but the top sellers are salmon, halibut, scallops, shrimp, and clams.

Matt Homich, Rick Trombley, Zac Lutz, Candice Macbeth Ellsworth, ME NOAA/NMFS Local Fisheries Knowledge Pilot Project
Danner Curtis Ellsworth High School - Maine

Danner Curtis is a lobsterman based in Blue Hill Bay, Maine. Curtis did not come from a fishing family and was able to start fishing after filling out a Maine state license. There are now permit programs in place, including a student program that allows students to fish 150 traps in the summer as long as they attend college.

Anthony Britt, Amy Dalrymple, Matt Burton, Ben Deckers Ellsworth, ME NOAA/NMFS Local Fisheries Knowledge Pilot Project
David Sargent Ellsworth High School - Maine

David Sargent is a lobster fisherman, clam digger, and sea urchin and scallop diver.  Sargent's boat is 22 feet long, and he has 275 traps. He has one additional person who helps with tasks like filling bait bags and cleaning traps. He primarily uses herring and hide as bait, which can be challenging to obtain at certain times of the year.

Kristin Wing, Elizabeth Miller, Danielle Werner Ellsworth, ME NOAA/NMFS Local Fisheries Knowledge Pilot Project
Fred Hersom Ellsworth High School - Maine

Fred Hersom is a lobster fisherman who first went out fishing with his father when he was six years old. He discusses the weather, bait, number of traps, sale of lobsters, rules, and regulations, and a typical day in the life of a fisherman. He fishes out of Stonington, Maine, and usually sets out four to five hundred traps.

Kim Tupper, Kim Crane, Ben Rudolph Ellsworth Falls, ME NOAA/NMFS Local Fisheries Knowledge Pilot Project
Heath and Lee Hudson Ellsworth High School - Maine

Heath and Lee Hudson are mussel fishermen and entrepreneurs based in Maine. Heath Hudson owns a thirty-three-foot dragger named the Ms. Daisy, which was originally a lobster boat converted into a dragging vessel for mussel harvesting. The Hudsons operate the Frenchmen Bay Mussel Company, which was initially started by Heath's father. After his father retired, Heath purchased his boat and continued the family business.

Amanda Close, Kellie Gonyea Ellsworth, ME NOAA/NMFS Local Fisheries Knowledge Pilot Project
Herbert Hodgkins Ellsworth High School - Maine

Herb Hodgkins is a renowned figure in the lobster industry, known for his expertise as a lobster fisherman, entrepreneur, and researcher. Born and raised in Hancock, Maine, Herb was exposed to the world of lobster fishing at a young age, accompanying his father on fishing trips. From being a curious helper to occasionally being a little nuisance, Herb developed a deep-rooted connection to the lobster industry. Although Herb didn't pursue lobster fishing as a full-time occupation, he remained closely involved in various other aspects of the industry.

Devin Pickard, Jonathan DeGiosafatto, Khem Millay, Senait Millay , Yohannes Millay Ellsworth, ME NOAA/NMFS Local Fisheries Knowledge Pilot Project