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    Principal Investigator:
    Walter Blogoslawski
  • Collection of oral histories about the history and mission of the NEFSC Milford Lab in Milford, Connecticut.

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Anton Christen Milford Lab Oral Histories

Anton Christen, originally from Switzerland, resides in Boston, Massachusetts. He has worked at the Union Oyster House, the oldest restaurant in the United States, for seventeen years. Initially employed as a sous chef, Christen transitioned to the role of oyster shucker, a position he has held for fifteen years. Fluent in French, German, and English, Christen's multilingual skills are advantageous in the restaurant's diverse and international setting.

Walter Blogoslawski Boston, MA NEFSC Milford Lab
Dave Relyea and Joe Zahtila Milford Lab Oral Histories

Joe Zahtila and Dave Relyea are two significant figures in the history of the Frank M. Flower shellfish hatchery in Bayville, Long Island. Joe Zahtila began his tenure at the hatchery in the 1960s, starting as a hatchery technician responsible for general maintenance and working with shellfish. Over time, he evolved into a key player in the hatchery's operations, contributing to the development of new methods for growing shellfish, particularly oysters and clams. Dave Relyea started at the hatchery a bit earlier, in 1964.

Walter Blogoslawski Bayville, NY NEFSC Milford Lab
Edwin Rhodes Milford Lab Oral Histories

Interview with Edwin Rhodes (born February 1943) who began working at the Milford Lab in 1959 at the age of 14. Interview contains information on his career with NMFS, Long Island Oyster Farms, and the NFI Crab Council.

Walter Blogoslawski Milford, CT NEFSC Milford Lab
James Salce and John Sherwin Milford Lab Oral Histories

That was all back-breaking hard labor ... every time you’d squeeze that line – I had forearms that looked like Popeye, for God's sake. -- John F. Sherwin

Walter Blogoslawski Milford, CT NEFSC Milford Lab
Jeremiah Relyea Milford Lab Oral Histories

Interview with Jeremiah Relyea of the Frank M. Flower Shellfish Hatchery in Bayville, New York.  Interview contains information on aquaculture practices.

Walter Blogoslawski Bayville, NY NEFSC Milford Lab
Michael Broadway Milford Lab Oral Histories

Michael "Hollywood" Broadway is a seasoned oyster shucker from New Orleans, Louisiana. He began his career by teaching himself how to shuck oysters while working as a busboy at an oyster bar. Over the years, he honed his skills and became a senior master shucker at Acme Oyster House, where he has served for over thirty-three years. Broadway is passionate about passing on his knowledge and expertise in oyster shucking, emphasizing the importance of safety, presentation, and professionalism.

Walter Blogoslawski New Orleans, LA NEFSC Milford Lab
Walter Blogoslawski Milford Lab Oral Histories

Walter Blogoslawski was born in New Britain, Connecticut, on February 8, 1943. He received his Bachelor's from Fairfield University, a Master's in Marine Science at Long Island University, and later a PhD. at Fordham University in 1971. He began working at Milford Laboratory in 1971 as a microbiologist and retired in 2016.

Maribeth Stewart Milford, CT NEFSC Milford Lab