Endangered Fishing Traditions of the Greater Miami Area | National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

Endangered Fishing Traditions of the Greater Miami Area

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    Suzana Dumitrita Blake, Matthew McPherson, Vanessa Navarro Maza, Pamela Brown-Eyo
  • Broadly, the project seeks to preserve the rich history of endangered fishing traditions in the Greater Miami Area. These oral histories expand our knowledge and enrich our understanding of the region's fisheries as well as the role that fishing has had in shaping the region’s economic and cultural life. Our goal was to interview key individuals connected to the fishing history of Miami, including: commercial and for-hire fishers; fish dealers/processors; fish markets; and bait and tackle shops. Geographically, we aim to cover major fishing areas that are endangered and undergoing rapid change. These include the following: Miami River, Coconut Grove (Montys), Haulover Park in North Miami. The first collection of interviews are focused on the Miami River. These interviews are conducted in English and Spanish.