Franklin, ME

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Peter Harvey Ellsworth High School - Maine

Peter Harvey is an aquaculture research worker employed by the University of Maine at the Franklin facility, where he holds the position of systems manager. With a background in both engineering and marine aquaculture, Peter plays a crucial role in the facility, overseeing the maintenance, design, and expansion of various systems. He takes pride in his work, describing it as a combination of problem-solving and experimentation, where he gets paid to explore and test new ideas.

Jay Daigle Franklin, ME NOAA/NMFS Local Fisheries Knowledge Pilot Project
Darrell Young Maine Sea Grant Alewife and Eel Oral Histories

In this interview, alewife fisherman Darrell Young describes the Maine alewife fishery and some of the environmental challenges that this anadromous species faces.

Julia Beaty Franklin, ME NOAA Preserve America Initiative, Maine Sea Grant