Stonington, ME

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Richard Bridges Assessing Vulnerability and Resilience in Maine Fishing Communities

Richard Bridges is a seasoned commercial fisherman from Stonington, Maine. He began his fishing career at a young age, setting 150 traps when he was just seven years old, alongside his best friend who was eight at the time. His family, originally from Swan's Island, moved to Connecticut for work during the war but returned to Maine when Bridges was born, believing it was a better place for a boy to grow up. Bridges started groundfishing commercially in 1964, and gill-netted out of Stonington from 1974 until 1984.

Sara Randall, Mike Kersula Stonington, ME University of Maine
John Williams Assessing Vulnerability and Resilience in Maine Fishing Communities

John Williams is a seasoned commercial fisherman hailing from Stonington with a lineage deeply rooted in the maritime tradition. His initiation into the fishing world began in his formative years, working alongside his father, which laid the foundation for the eventual captaincy of his own vessel. Williams' expertise spans a diverse array of fishing methods, including lobstering, groundfishing, and scalloping, showcasing his adaptability and depth of knowledge within the industry.

Mike Kersula Stonington, ME University of Maine
Steve Robbins Ellsworth High School - Maine

Steve Robbins is a seasoned lobsterman hailing from Ellsworth, Maine. Born in May 1945, he has spent most of his life dedicated to the fishing industry, primarily focusing on lobster fishing. At the time of the interview in May 2005, Steve was sixty years old, with over five decades of experience as a lobsterman.

Caitlin Wood, Lucy Weed-Eaton, Louis Williams Stonington, ME NOAA/NMFS Local Fisheries Knowledge Pilot Project
Diane Williams Oral Histories from the New England Fisheries

Diane is the wife of a lobsterman.  She speaks about how regulations are impacting her family.

Project Leaders: Lisa L. Colburn and Kate E. Yentes
Date Collection Completed: On going
Geographic Location: Locations across New England

Lisa Colburn , Amy Gerber Stonington, ME NOAA Fisheries