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Kip Young

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Ellsworth High School - Maine

These interviews were conducted as part of Ellsworth High School's participation in the NOAA Fisheries Service (NMFS) Local Fisheries Knowledge Pilot Project 2003-2005.  All 10th graders participated in this interdisciplinary project that involved English, History, Social Studies, and Biology classes. To read about the LFK Project, go to

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Joyce Whitmore 

Biographical Sketch

Kip Young is a lobster and tuna fisherman fishing out of Corea, Maine. Although he has practiced several other professions, he prefers fishing for the independence it gives to him as his own boss. He has built his own boats for the work that he does and discusses the expenses that accompany the profession. His love is for fishing tuna but more money comes with lobstering. He has strong feelings about the role of the fisherman versus the government and biologists.

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