Hatteras, NC

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Christopher Hickman Sector Management in New England

Chris Hickman, 63, is a commercial fisherman out of Hatteras, North Carolina. Mr. Hickman began fishing in the 1970's after retiring from farming; his grandfather was a fisherman in the early 1900's. He currently fishes for monkfish and a variety of other species using a gillnet inshore along the east coast in New England. Mr. Hickman has been in the commonpool in New England since sectors began; sector management is not in place in North Carolina. He feels that sector management is not the right management strategy and would abolish it given the opportunity.

Azure Cygler Hatteras, NC NOAA
Kelsey Aiken Young Fishermen in the Northeast United States

Kelsey Aiken, 29 years old at the time of the interview, is a fisherman and co-manager (along with his brother) of a fish packing house in Hatteras, NC founded by his father. The company focuses mainly on gillnet fishing for flounder and sells a range of seafood caught in the Pamlico Sound and the ocean to a variety of markets, including New York's Fulton Fish Market, Boston, Canada, California, and local outlets.

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Sarah Schumann Hatteras, NC NOAA