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Bill Sunda and Sue Huntsman NOAA Beaufort Lab Oral Histories

Dr. William "Bill" Sunda, a native of Arlington, Virginia, has made significant contributions to environmental science and research throughout his career. He completed his undergraduate studies at Lehigh University, graduating in 1968 with a Bachelor's degree in Environmental Science. Bill received a Fellowship for graduate studies at MIT and Woods Hole the same year. In 1975, Bill joined the Beaufort Lab as a Research Chemist, marking the beginning of a 40-year-long commitment to advancing scientific knowledge. Dr.

Joseph W. Smith, Doug Wolfe, Douglas Vaughan, Don Hoss Beaufort, NC NOAA Fisheries
Dr. Gordon Thayer and Dr. Judson Kenworthy NOAA Beaufort Lab Oral Histories

Dr. Gordon Thayer, a renowned Fishery Biologist, has made substantial contributions to the field of fisheries research and management. He obtained a Master's degree from the University of Delaware and later pursued his Ph.D. at North Carolina State University. In 1968, Gordon joined the Beaufort Lab, where he dedicated over three decades to the study of fisheries. Gordon was instrumental in establishing the Seagrass Program at the Beaufort Laboratory in the late 1960s, contributing to the preservation and conservation of seagrass habitats. Dr.

Joseph W. Smith, Ford Cross, Douglas Vaughan, Doug Wolfe Beaufort, NC NOAA Fisheries
John Merriner, Douglas Vaughan, and Joseph W. Smith NOAA Beaufort Lab Oral Histories

Dr. John V. Merriner, originally from Winchester, Virginia, has dedicated his career to the field of fisheries. He obtained his Bachelor's degree in Psychology from Rutgers University in 1964. John pursued higher education at North Carolina State University, where he earned both his Master's degree in 1967 and his Ph.D. in Fisheries in 1973. From 1970 to 1982, John was employed at the Virginia Institute of Marine Science. In 1982, he joined the staff at the NMFS Beaufort Laboratory, taking on the role of Fisheries Division Chief.

Don Hoss, Ford Cross, Doug Wolfe Beaufort, NC NOAA Fisheries
Richard “Dick” Stone NOAA Beaufort Lab Oral Histories

Richard "Dick" Stone, a native of Virginia Beach, Virgina, has dedicated his life to environmental research and conservation. He completed his Bachelor's Degree at Virginia Military Institute. He pursued a Master's Degree at William and Mary, further honing his expertise. Dick joined the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service's Sandy Hook Lab, where he spent 8-1/2 years contributing to important research and conservation efforts.  In 1972, Dick embarked on a new phase of his career when he transferred to NOAA's Beaufort Lab.

Joseph W. Smith, Don Hoss, Ford Cross, Douglas Vaughan, Doug Wolfe Morehead City, NC NOAA Fisheries