Mystic, CT

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Anthony Calabrese Voices from the Science Centers

Anthony Calabrese was born in Providence, RI on February 25, 1937. Growing up, he was interested in fishing and the ocean. Dr. Calabrese earned his masters at Auburn University in Alabama, and later earned his PhD in Zoology/Ecology from the University of Connecticut. He began his career at the Milford Laboratory in 1963. His early research focused on the effects of pollution on shellfish and he brought his expertise to EPA committees he served on. He published over 70 reports and publications and founded the Flatfish Biology Conference in 1986.

Fred Calabretta Mystic, CT NOAA-NMFS, Northeast Fisheries Science Center
Len Sawyer Maritime Studies Capstone Seminar Oral History Project

Oral history interview with : Len Sawyer, resident of Mystic, Connecticut, retired lobsterman from the long Island Sound.

Recording format/notes: Recorded phone interview digitally, using one phone on speaker to talk, and another phone to record to the app “Voice memos”. Recorded at my computer desk at home while on the phone. Phone interview necessary during Coronavirus, otherwise, it would have been a physical face-to-face interview.

Jack Hobert Mystic, CT University of Connecticut
Mary K. Bercaw Edwards Maritime Studies Capstone Seminar Oral History Project
  • Associate Professor at UCONN Avery Point in Maritime English
  • Lead Foreman of the Mystic Seaport Museum’s Demonstration Squad
  • Prominent Herman Melville Scholar
Molly McElroy Mystic, CT University of Connecticut