Maurice River, NJ

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John Breslin, Jr. New Jersey’s Delaware Bayshore

John Breslin, Jr. grew up in South Jersey, where both his parents were raised and worked in the Millville, New Jersey area mother,  His mother, Mabel Banks Holt, worked as an office manager for the shucking house F.F. East Co., Inc. in Maurice River Township, New Jersey, from the 1930s to the early 1950s. She traveled across the country for business with oyster wholesalers and clients. After F.F. East's death, Mrs. Holt took charge of the shucking house. Mr. Breslin taught history at Port Norris Elementary School from 1952-57.

Patricia A. Moore , Rachel Dolhanczyk Maurice River, NJ Bayshore Center at Bivalve Delaware Bay Museum & Folklife Center