Jamestown, RI

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Kevin Tuttle The Fishing Industry in Newport, RI 1930-1987

Kevin Tuttle has worked extensively on offshore draggers since his graduation from the University of Rhode Island's Fisheries School. His manuscript is filled with information about the work of fishing, life at sea, boats and equipment, safety, offshore fishing grounds, species sought by draggers, marketing, and fishing as a dangerous occupation. Mr. Tuttle has thoughtful insights concerning depletion and conservation and speaks at length about the relationship between fishermen, biologists, and government officials and how they affect the fishing industry.

Jennifer Murray Jamestown, RI Newport Historical Society
Stephanie Hryzan Young Fishermen in the Northeast United States

Stephanie Hryzan, 35 years old at the time of the interview, is a deckhand on draggers in Point Judith, RI. Despite having a father in the industry, she did not grow up fishing and instead went to college before working in various sales jobs. However, she has always had a deep love of sea creatures, and after a year as a scallop observer, she decided in her early 30s to take part in the inaugural cohort of the Commercial Fisheries Center of RI's Commercial Fishing Apprenticeship Program. 

Sarah Schumann Jamestown, RI NOAA