Inverness, CA

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Bill Kruse and Tom Santilena Cordell Expeditions

Bill Kruse and Tom Santilena are two notable members of the Cordell Expeditions who participated in the historic dives on Cordell Bank in the early 1980s. Bill Kruse, born in Palo Alto, California, followed in his father's footsteps to become an electrical engineer, designing hardware for microwave testing. His involvement with Cordell Expeditions marked a significant transition in his career, shifting from hardware to computer work and computer mapping. His interests extended beyond diving to include underwater photography and exploration projects related to diving.

Dewey Livingston, Jennifer Stock Inverness, CA Cordell Bank National Marine Sanctuary
SACTO Team Cordell Expeditions

The Sacto Team is a group of divers who have joined forces with Cordell Expeditions, a renowned expedition company specializing in underwater exploration and adventure. The team comprises experienced divers who share a passion for discovering and documenting the mysteries of the underwater world. Together with Cordell Expeditions, the Sacto Team embarks on various expeditions to explore submerged caves, shipwrecks, and other fascinating underwater sites.

Dewey Livingston Inverness, CA Cordell Bank National Marine Sanctuary