East Machias, ME

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Paul Molyneaux Assessing Vulnerability and Resilience in Maine Fishing Communities

Paul Molyneaux was born in 1958 and has lived in various parts of Maine, including East Machias, Trescott, and Eastport. He began his career in the fishing industry in 1975, initially working in Key West, Florida, where he was involved in shrimp processing. In 1981, he moved to Maine and started fishing out of Rockland on groundfish and sword fishing draggers [4]. He also worked on scalloping during the wintertime. In 1986, Molyneaux moved to Eastern Maine to run the fish processing plant, Passamaquoddy Quality Seafood and Fillet, located on the Passamaquoddy Reservation.

Kevin Athearn East Machias, ME University of Maine