D’Iberville, MS

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Ran Bui Deepwater Horizon Oil Disaster Oral History

Ran Bui is a Vietnamese-American shrimper in Biloxi, Mississippi. Mr. Ran Bui was born in 1960, one of eleven children, and raised in the port city of Vung Tau in southern Vietnam. Mr. Bui’s parents are originally from Hai Phong in the north of Vietnam. His father, Canh Bui, was a member of the Army of the Republic of Vietnam (South Vietnamese Army) and a fisherman; his mother, Mau Thi Nguyen, fished with the family and worked for a seafood company processing oysters and shrimp. Mr. Bui began fishing with his father at age eleven.

Linda VanZandt, Angel Truong Phan D’Iberville, MS NOAA-NMFS, University of Southern Mississippi - Northern Gulf Institute