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Theodore A. Young

Theodore Allen Young was born in Chatham, Massachusetts in 1900.  He moved to Orleans with his family when he was three years old.  He was a member of the Masonic Hall in his community.  He worked as a driver for Nickerson Lumber for seven years and then became a fisherman harvesting sea scallops.

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Susan Greene Eastham, MA The William Brewster Nickerson Cape Cod History Archives Tales of Cape Cod
Mary Mandell

Born in 1905, Mary recalls how she and her family traveled from Baltimore, Maryland to summer on Cape Cod each year.   She describes her experiences as a child living in Barnstable Village during the summers, rowing to Sandy Neck to buy lobsters, walking down Millway to Main Street and visiting the stationary store, garage and blacksmith shop, Phinney’s General Store and the hardware store.  She also describes the Cummaquid Golf Course, and the houses on Scudder Lane, where her family lived.  Mary tells a story her father told her about Leander Lewis who lived on Scudder Lane and who put dy

Susan Greene Barnstable, MA The William Brewster Nickerson Cape Cod History Archives Tales of Cape Cod

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