Meghan Wren-Briggs

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William Bradway New Jersey’s Delaware Bayshore

William H. Bradway, Jr. describes his work experience while employed by the Port Norris Oyster Company including the company business, employees, boats that were owned by the company and the captains who ran the boats. He discusses who they sold their oysters to, where the plant was located. He also goes into detail the genealogy of ownership since the beginning of the company. The company had a shucking house associated with the canning and shipping and he shares stories about the shuckers and where they lived.

Meghan Wren-Briggs, Pat Moore Port Norris, NJ Bayshore Center at Bivalve Delaware Bay Museum & Folklife Center
Marvin Rankin New Jersey’s Delaware Bayshore

Mr. Rankin explains how he got his start in the fishing business. Unlike many who end up in the fishing business he learned the trade later in life. Rankin mentions he fished once or twice when he was young but trapping was a much bigger deal. He got into the fishing business after he got out of the military and settled down with his wife. He became friends with a man who was much older than him (about 20 years older) who taught and introduced the trade.

Meghan Wren-Briggs Harmersville, NJ Bayshore Center at Bivalve Delaware Bay Museum & Folklife Center