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Beverly Perdue 1997 North Carolina Fisheries Reform Act

Beverly Perdue is a prominent figure in North Carolina politics, having served as the state's Governor. She has been actively involved in various legislative initiatives, particularly those related to fisheries and environmental issues. Perdue's political career began with her interest in the Democratic Party and her first experiences with politicians in Raleigh. Throughout her career, she has been involved in numerous coastal-related legislations, including the Fisheries Reform Act, which she describes as 'consensus legislation'.

Barbara Garrity-Blake, Mary Williford New Bern, NC Carolina Coastal Voices
Daniel Whittle 1997 North Carolina Fisheries Reform Act

Dan Whittle was born on October 10, 1962, in Glasgow, Kentucky. He grew up in a small farming town in western Kentucky named Ridgefield. After his parents divorced when he was in third grade, he moved to New England, New Hampshire, where he spent the school year in Manchester and the summers on their farm in Kentucky. Whittle attended Manchester public schools and later decided to go back South for college. He attended Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee.

Mary Williford Carrboro, NC Carolina Coastal Voices
B.J. Copeland 1997 North Carolina Fisheries Reform Act

B.J. Copeland, born on November 20th, 1936, in a country home near Mannsville, has had a significant impact on the fisheries of North Carolina. He has an extensive educational background and has served in the Zoology Department at North Carolina State University. Copeland was initially appointed to the Marine Fisheries Commission in the 1980s under Governor James G. "Jim" Martin's "Egghead Commissions." Throughout his career, he has been involved in numerous public hearings and has worked to foster communication and interaction between different stakeholders in the fisheries sector.

Mary Williford Bear Creek, NC Carolina Coastal Voices
Robert Lucas 1997 North Carolina Fisheries Reform Act

Robert "Bob" Lucas is a professional lawyer and former Chairman of the North Carolina Marine Fisheries Commission who led efforts to pass the 1997 Fisheries Reform Act.  He has a deep-rooted passion for recreational fishing. His career in law began after a sustained interest in the legal field, which led him to pursue a formal education in law. Upon completing his studies, Lucas embarked on a legal career that saw him engage in various capacities within the legal system. His expertise and dedication to the profession earned him respect among his peers and clients.

Mary Williford Selma, NC Carolina Coastal Voices