Leo Warner

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Carrie Jamison and Edith Selby New Jersey’s Delaware Bayshore

Sisters Carrie Jamison (b. 1921) and Edith Selby (b. 1927) grew up in "uptown" Port Norris, New Jersey. As children, they were not allowed to go to Shell Pile or the river (Bivalve). Their parents were from Saint Mary's County, Maryland. Their father came here to work on the boats and on farms. They attended Shiloh Baptist Church. In the early 1940s, they both worked in oyster houses as shuckers including Robbins Brothers, Carl Reed, Stowman's Brothers, Peterson Packing and George Gaskell.

Rachel Dolhanczyk, Leo Warner Port Norris, NJ Bayshore Center at Bivalve Delaware Bay Museum & Folklife Center