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Don McDaniels New Jersey’s Delaware Bayshore

Don McDaniels' great-grandfather was Charles Riggin who was the patriarch of a well-known oystering family. Mr. Riggin had the schooners AMELIA RIGGIN, J&E RIGGIN and C.M. RIGGIN. The J&E RIGGIN won the Delaware Bay Schooner Race of 1929. Don started oystering in 1958 and also tonged for seed oysters. But, by 1966 switched to clamming (surf clams and Quahogs). He discussed the clamming schedule and seasons, laws, regulations & permits, and areas he worked out of including Point Pleasant Beach, Barnegat, Atlantic City, Cape May, Maryland and Virginia.

Sally Van de Water, Deb Slating Cape May, NJ Bayshore Center at Bivalve Delaware Bay Museum & Folklife Center
Owen Carney New Jersey’s Delaware Bayshore

Owen J. Carney is a retired state worker from New Jersey who has a unique history with the Salt Hay Rope Making machine, a piece of equipment that is now in the possession of the Bayshore Center at Bivalve. Carney's family history is deeply intertwined with the machine. His father worked for a cast iron pipe company in Camden, NJ, where salt hay rope was used in the making of cast iron pipes. After leaving the company, his father obtained one of the machines and brought it to his property in Port Norris.

Deb Slating Bivalve, NJ Bayshore Center at Bivalve Delaware Bay Museum & Folklife Center
Olin W. McConnell New Jersey’s Delaware Bayshore

Olin McConnell is a passionate storyteller and the grandson of Charles "Chillie" McConnell, a renowned artist. Born and raised in Port Norris, New Jersey, Olin developed an appreciation for his grandfather's artistic legacy from a young age. Growing up surrounded by McConnell's artwork and hearing tales of his grandfather's artistic endeavors, Olin developed a keen eye for detail and a profound understanding of the impact of art on communities. Olin became a knowledgeable and enthusiastic advocate for preserving his grandfather's artistic contributions.

Sally Van de Water, Deb Slating, Pat Moore Port Elizabeth, NJ Bayshore Center at Bivalve Delaware Bay Museum & Folklife Center