The Ffiles-NEFSC

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    Teri Frady
  • Interviews conducted by Teri Frady, supervisory Public Affairs Specialist for NOAA/NMFS/NEFSC - Woods Hole, MA Interviews conducted in 2005 and 2006 for online ezine, The Ffiles, for Northeast Fisheries Science Center staff.

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John Boreman The Ffiles-NEFSC

Dr. John Boreman started at the NEFSC in 1980, after spending his early career dealing with power plant impacts on fish and wildlife. He was instrumental in establishing the Center's Cooperative Marine Education and Research Program, and was its first coordinator at the University of Massachusetts. He served as deputy center director under Dr. Michael Sissenwine, starting in 1997, and one of his first assignments was to institute the reorganization of NEFSC.

Teri Frady Woods Hole, MA Northeast Fisheries Science Center - NOAA
Steve Murawski The Ffiles-NEFSC

In 2004, Steve Murawski left his job as long-time chief the fish population dynamics group at the NEFSC to take on the leadership role at NMFS Office of Science and Technology. Within a very short time, he moved again, to his current position as the Agency's Director of Scientific Programs and Chief Science Advisor for NOAA Fisheries, a position formerly held by NEFSC alum Michael Sissenwine. Indeed, Murawski is the third in a line of top fishery scientists from the NEFSC who have been tapped in recent years to serve leadership roles at the Agency's headquarters.

Teri Frady Silver Spring, MD Northeast Fisheries Science Center - NOAA
John Sibunka The Ffiles-NEFSC

After 39 years and more than 3,500 sea days, the NEFSC's John Sibunka from the Howard Laboratory was preparing to embark on his final survey cruise. This interview was conducted prior to that cruise.

Teri Frady Middletown, NJ Northeast Fisheries Science Center - NOAA
Michael Sissenwine The Ffiles-NEFSC

After nearly 30 years with NMFS, stints as an NEFSC division chief and Center Director, as well as senior science leadership positions in the Agency's headquarters, Dr. Michael P. Sissenwine retired in 2005. This interview took place one month before his official retirement. He discusses his career.

Teri Frady Woods Hole, MA Northeast Fisheries Science Center - NOAA