Marcus McCall

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Fishing Traditions & Fishing Futures in Georgia


The goal of the “Fishing Traditions and Fishing Futures” project is to raise awareness of the experiences of commercial fishermen and their changing livelihoods in Georgia by documenting their local fisheries knowledge   and perspectives about the state and fate of Georgia’s commercial fishing industry through the use of oral  histories. Capturing the life stories and experiences of Georgia’s commercial fishermen is especially important since many local communities have depended on the coastal environment for their economic and cultural base  for generations.

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Marcus McCall is a commercial fisherman whose family lineage has deep roots in the fishing industry of Brunswick, Georgia. His personal narrative is interwoven with the historical fabric of the local fishing community, which has experienced a significant decline over the years. McCall's life on the water is a testament to the enduring spirit of those who have made their livelihood from the sea. He embodies the traditional values of freedom and independence often associated with the profession. Despite the challenges faced by the industry, McCall's dedication to fishing is unwavering, a passion that has been passed down through generations. His story is not just one of personal commitment but also reflects the broader struggles of a community grappling with the realities of a changing world where the once-thriving fishing industry is now at a crossroads.

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The interview with Marcus McCall provides a comprehensive overview of the complexities facing the fishing industry in Brunswick, Georgia. McCall delves into the historical decline of the local fishing community, highlighting the challenges posed by increasing shark populations that have had a detrimental impact on the industry's sustainability. He also addresses the disinterest among younger generations in pursuing careers in fishing, attributing this trend to the demanding nature of the work, characterized by low wages and long hours. McCall's narrative is one of concern for the future of the industry, yet it is also imbued with a sense of hope as he discusses potential solutions to mitigate the issues caused by sharks. The interview is a candid reflection on the rewards and hardships of life as a fisherman, with McCall extending an open invitation to those who may be interested in joining the industry. His insights offer a valuable perspective on the regulatory pressures, competition from imports, and environmental factors that are reshaping the landscape of commercial fishing in his community.

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