Julian M. Brown | National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

J. M. Brown is a native of Gloucester/Marshallberg. He has four children, Julie, Julian (Bubbie), George and Beth. J.M's father, Julian Sr., was part owner of Brown's Island, located between Marshallberg and Harkers Island.  J.M.'s first wife Patsy (deceased) was the mother of all the children and he has subsequently re-married to wife Pat. Bubbie and George have both been commercial fishermen. Bubbie currently operates a dredging operation and George operates a crane service. He helped his sons build their boats (Bubbie's boat is named the Mogie, George owned (since been sold) the Chelsea Girl.  George's boat was the last large commercial fishing boat launched Down East, in Marshallberg.  J.M. received an Education Degree from East Carolina University and was involved in the development of Carteret Community College (formerly known as Carteret Technical Institute) and taught there for a number of years. He has been a commercial fisherman and fish peddler for many years. JM's mother's family (Ms. Mogie) was from Hatteras and he runs his fish peddling trucks up and down the Outer Banks and beyond, buying and selling seafood.  J.M. has participated in many fisheries, most recently sink-net fishing in the Atlantic Ocean.  J.M. has been involved in many fisheries issues in the past.  Currently he is working on behalf of the Marshallberg Community Club in the "Save Marshallberg Harbor" effort.

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