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Eleanor Small

Eleanor Small interview with Tales of Cape Cod, November 17, 1977. Born in 1909, Ms. Small describes her ancestors from Harwich. Her grandmother was related to Jonathon Walker, of "the branded hand" who married an Indian woman and went down south to help the slaves. He was captured and branded for helping slaves escape. She lived on the Cape with her grandmother and recalls several stories of local residents. She recalls the great Dennisport fire and Dr. Ginns block burned. Also remembers Ernie Cole, the blacksmith in Harwich Port and the Catholic church in Harwich Center burning.

Renée Magriel Chatham, MA The William Brewster Nickerson Cape Cod History Archives Tales of Cape Cod
Shareen Davis

Shareen Davis talks about growing up in Chatham, Massachusetts on Cape Cod and about her life as part of a fishing family.

Patricia Pinto da Silva Chatham, MA NOAA Fisheries Women in the New England Fisheries
Theodore Ligenza

Ted Ligenza, 60, is a commercial fisherman out of Chatham, MA. He began fishing around age 22 after working on the fish pier in Chatham; he now has 3 sons, all of whom fish. He fishes different species organisms seasonally, generally inshore, though occasionally offshore for codfish. In 2003, Mr. Ligenza joined the George's Bank sector, which was the first sector, long before sector management became the primary management regime in 2010, and is now a member of the Fixed Gear sector that began in 2005. He feels that leasing and owning fish is an awkward concept.

Azure Cygler Chatham, MA NOAA Sector Management in New England
Marie Ligenza

Marie (Riena) Ligenza, 58, is married to commercial fisherman Ted Ligenza, who fishes out of Chatham, MA. They have three sons that are also commercial fishermen, though she is not from a fishing family herself. Her husband and sons all fish mainly inshore, her husband for fish and her sons for shellfish. Mrs. Ligenza tries to separate herself from the intricacies of fishing, beyond it supporting her family and her doing finances for her husband's fishing.

Azure Cygler Chatham, MA NOAA Sector Management in New England
Mike Anderson

This is part of a collection of 15 interviews conducted in 2007 with people on Cape Cod Massachusetts who are involved in the shellfishing industry. Interviewer Sandy MacFarlane asked the question, "What does shellfishing mean to you?" From that starting point, questions centered on how the individual got into shellfishing and then what they thought the future of shellfishing might be.

Sandy MacFarlane Chatham, MA Coastal Resource Specialists Cape Cod Shellfish Industry Interviews

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