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Judge Henry L. Murphy

Judge Murphy was born in Hyannis in 1907.  His father and brothers owned Murphy Brothers Bakery for over 40 years.  Judge Murphy as a child started at 5:00 am in the bakery, then school and then back to the bakery in the late afternoon.  The bakery delivered fresh baked goods each morning via horse and wagon.  He remembers graduating from law school during the depression and finding it difficult to find work in Boston.

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Doug Kalweit

As part of the Cape Cod River Herring Warden Oral History Project, Doug Kalweit of the Town of Barnstable shares his recollections of Cape Cod's herring runs and his thoughts on present-day herring management. Since 1972, Kalweit has worked for the Town of Barnstable and is now the Supervisor of the Barnstable Natural Resources Department. The interview is conducted by Abigail Franklin Archer, Marine Resource Specialist with the Barnstable County Cape Cod Cooperative Extension Marine Program and Woods Hole Sea Grant.

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