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CarolAnn Hester, MegAnna Schlais and Elizabeth Hester

CarolAnn Hester, MegAnna Schlais, and Elizabeth Hester represent three generations of women fishing in Naknek, Alaska. CarolAnn and MegAnna are a mother/daughter team who commercially fish, and all three women participate in subsistence fishing.  In this interview, CarolAnn, MegAnna and Elizabeth talk about how they got started in fishing, the products they produce and their participation in the subsistence lifestyle, which includes gardening. They also talk about their strong work ethic, and what motivates them to fish.

Kim Sparks , JudyJo Matson Nakenk, AK Pacific States Marine Fisheries Commission, NOAA Fisheries, Bristol Bay Native Association , NOAA Preserve America Initiative Women in Alaska Fisheries